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Look, I had to get away for awhile. I deleted twitter. I deleted Instagram. I stopped playing and went quiet online and IRL. But I do miss performing music and sharing music. I just had to reflect and get well in a place far away from all of it. And more important things have been happening in the U.S.A. than music. And my attention was turned to that. I hope yours has too.  I hope you are safe, even if you don't feel safe. None of us are alone. I felt alone. But a lot of music has been made in that time. I'm sorry for shutting you out. I'm going to start releasing all of it. And performing again.  More on that soon. But in the meantime, if you haven't, follow Leverage Models on Spotify and Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Our first whisperings will be there soon.





May 1, 2016

New Single/Video Premier by the Village Voice



"To make the video, Vangeline and one of her principal dancers, Azumi Oe, worked through long takes to keep their almost imperceptible movements authentic...Their tension mirrors the stilted mannerisms of family dinners or first dates, and as the video progresses, flickers of surreal, traditional butoh encroach upon this modern scene, all gnarled limbs and ashen makeup. This is the brilliance of the video: It reflects the sinister, or at least uncomfortable, truths that can lie just beneath the surface of our social interactions. Both butoh and the song itself operate on subconscious levels, and if neither makes sense at first, the merging of Fields’s and Vangeline’s mediums brings the purpose of both into sharp focus." - Lindsey Rhoades, The Village Voice





Photo by Shervin Lainez

July 30, 2015



Going south. Still working out a couple details, but it's mostly there. We'll see you, right?

Hey, here's a website. Everything's in one place now.


We've completed a new full-length album and we're trying to bend the machines to our will so we can share it with you soon. Machines eat people, but we'll win.


The Models are touring the U.S. southeast in September, including Hopscotch Fest in Raleigh, NC. Dates on the "Live" page. In 3 years of national touring this is actually the first time we've been able to take the entire band outside of NY, Leverage Models as it should be seen and heard. We can't wait.


We will keep blogging on Tumblr. Because not everything should be clean, legible, navigable, value-rich, and/or fucking informative.


Thank you for caring. Industry no, human relationships yes.

















July 29, 2015



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